Looking for a different style of motorcycle tour?

Every People motorcycle tours was created for people looking for something a bit different and out of the ordinary.
What’s so different about an Every People tour? Each year we run a tour in Cambodia for charity, which goes for 16 days and covers 2500 km. It touches the borders of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and passes through 19 of the 25 provinces. You’ll experience the full range of what Cambodia has to offer, ancient temples, tropical rainforests, cool mountains, mighty rivers, sandy beaches and above all the friendly and big hearted Khmer people.
You’ll pay for your accommodation and meals as you go, the rooms will be pre-booked for you. There will be a choice of bikes, Honda XR250, Degree, Baja 250; larger bikes maybe available at request.
To raise money for charity we run the tour at cost price, and ask for donations instead of adding on a profit margin. A donation of $50 USD per day per participant is expected. The last fiverides have raised over $40000 USD and we’re hoping this year will be just as successful.
This year the cause is Rural Schools Village Program (RSVP). It was started in the 1990s by Aki Ra from Cambodian Self Help Demining (CSHD) when he was clearing mines in rural villages. These villages had no access to education. A village chief approached Aki Ra and asked him to build them a school. Since then, the name “Rural School Village Program” has been created in order to raise awareness to this cause.
Their objective is to teach rural village children to read and write Khmer, and to do basic math. When they began none of the schools were recognized by the government. Today, 14 of the 18 schools are recognized government schools. Today, they teach nearly 2,000 children who would have otherwise had limited opportunity to access education.
They are making a difference!
These schools are provided by sponsors, donors, and friends of RSVP so that Khmer children (and adults) have the essential tools to educate themselves for the better.
The sponsors:
The sponsors:
This is the trip of a lifetime, if you’ve ever thought about a Cambodian motorbike tour this is the one!
Don’t ride? You can still join the tour in the support vehicle.
Do something to make a difference right now, make a booking.
Want to see what it’s like on an Every People tour? Check out this short clip from the 2017 ride : https://youtu.be/hT28SuA2Rg0

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